Fabrication de pièces pour grenailleuses

Curative and preventive measures

We are worried and conscious that your machines must be in a proper working condition. So, we make available to you a large range of services :

  • preventive maintenance contract,
  • valuation of your fittings
  • renovation or improvement of your equipment
  • repairing on the premises

Curative measures :

GPS is independent as regards the making of mechanical or mechanically-welded parts with a stock of more than 5.200 benchmarks. So, we will answer to your material needs as soon as possible. Whatever the benchmark of your machine, we will come up to your expectation.

Preventive measures :

A preventive maintenance is the assurance of a long duration of life and the guarantee of a best exploitation of the machines. Moreover, the preventive maintenance answers perfectly to needs of support and regarding the security.

Our team of highly skilled 10 engineers is at your disposal to thrust in your workshops by simple request from you to value your machine in order to detect failures.

So, don’t hesitate to ask your question, we will know to provide a customized answer.


The reactivity of GPS :

Our team of engineers and its park of 8 vehicules are ready to thrust in quickly wherever you are and respecting the GPS involvement :

  • improve our productivity in order to extend our quickness in expected repair time.
  • guarantee an optimal quality of our achievement.
  • the willingness of supplying quickly products of quality coming up to your expectation.
Legal Notes